Wesley Methodist School Seremban

2018 SPM Results

We announce with great pride that our 2018 batch of Form Five students did very well in their SPM Examinations. Out of a total of 32 students, two of them scored straight A+s and another scored 9 As out of 10 subjects.

Our top three scorers are:

Isaac Ng Wei Shen

10A+ out of 10 subjects

Vishaanth Somu Sooria

9A+ out of 9 subjects

Chung Kai Sheng

9 As out of 10 subjects

We scored 100% pass in Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pendidikan Seni Halus, Chinese language and Pendidikan Islam.

Our best subject was Additional Mathematics, with 81.6% of our students scoring A+, A, A- and we did tremendously well with a mean grade of 1.91.

62.4% of our students scored A+, A, A- in Mathematics and the mean grade is 2.94.

Compared to previous years, we improved by leaps and bounds in our 2018 SPM results for all subjects.

This batch of students excels in both the academics and co-curricular activities. Our top students were active and talented members of our school Music Band. They are good singers / musicians who performed at our Carnival last year to help raise funds for the school.  Likewise they performed for the Students’ body of Methodist College KL to help them raise funds for some worthy causes.

Our 2018 Fifth-formers display good character, generosity of spirit which is displayed in their willingness to teach one another and to render mutual help. It is indeed a great pleasure to see them forge good relationships amongst themselves and enjoy each other’s company. It is also a joy to see their close bonds and rapport with their teachers.

We thank God, the staff and the parents for working together to provide the best for the students. We also thank the members of our School Christian Support Committee, the Methodist Council of Education, The Wesley Methodist School Board of Management and the churches who support us in so many ways, including their generous financial contributions to our school.