The quick facts below represent a snapshot of information for the entire school.


  • Teaching is based on Malaysian National Syllabus which is KSSM for Form 1 to Form 5
  • National examinations conducted are Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 (PT3) and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).
  • Mathematics and Science are taught in English.
  • All students are encouraged to converse in two main languages English and Bahasa Malaysia.
  • The promotion of R & R culture which is Reading & Revision


  • Located at the Seremban town center which is about 200 meters from the main Bus Terminal and 500 meters from the Train Station.


  • In 2015, for the first time, WMSS was rated 5-star during the inspection of Standard Kualiti Institusi Pendidikan Swasta (SKIPS) by the Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.


  • We have more than 70 years of experience in private education
  • Current enrollment is about 185 students.
  • Personal attention is given to all students.
  • About 20-25 students per classroom.
  • Teacher-Student ratio: 1:9
  • English is widely used.


  • Strict discipline is imposed and we expect both students and parents to adhere to them.
  • The CHARACTER FIRST Programme is used to teach the values of character.
  • All students are expected to be active in our clubs and uniformed groups. All our co-curriculum activities are held during school hours.


  • WMSS is now part of the Private School Group known as WESLEY METHODIST SCHOOL belonging to the Methodist Council of Education. We have sister schools in Ipoh, Klang, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Penang and Rawang.
  • For tertiary education, our students (if successful) will be given first priority and a special rate to continue at the METHODIST COLLEGE in Kuala Lumpur.

 School Hours

  • Monday to Thursday, School start at 7.30 am to 3.30 pm
  • Monday to Thursday, Academic Support / Counselling start at 3.30 pm to 4.00 pm )
  • Friday, School start at 7.30 am to 1.30 pm

 Office Hours

  • Monday to Friday – 7.00 am to 4.00 pm during School days and 8.00 am to 4.00 pm during School Holidays.
  • Saturdays (2nd & 4th only) – 8.00 am to 12 noon.
  • Closed on public holidays.

(Information above is updated as at 20 May 2021)

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