Quah Hui Tian who scored 9As is no ordinary girl her age. She is very confident and decisive in her career path.

“My parents worked very hard for me and my sister (who has graduated from a local private college), just to get to where we are today. So I want to be my best to repay my gratitude toward them.”

Quah already have enrolled herself in a local college studying A-level.

“It is either a degree in Medicine or Actuarial Science and of course, cost is a big factor”.

“I want to thank my teachers especially Ms. Homaiyamal (Homa) and Mr. Ashwindren (Ash). They have made a big difference in my life. Although Ms. Homa always put on a stern composure and hardly smile, she is the most soft-hearted and caring teacher in the whole Wesley Methodist Klang. She as a History teacher wrote us letters about what she thinks of us and encourage us!”

“Mr. Ash is a good motivator. He was always there to cheer us when we were discouraged or lacked confidence.”

Quah Hui Tian, the 9As S.P.M scorer from Wesley Methodist School Klang was also a member of St. John’s Ambulance and also was the Assistant Head Prefect of the school.

Quah Hui Tian (Vicky)SPM 2019

Good teacher inspires!

That’s the idea of great education at Wesley Methodist School Klang.

Chan Yi Chen who recently obtained 8As for his S.P.M results claimed that his favorite subject was History.

“My history teacher, Ms Homa, has made history classes not more about just memorizing those dull facts, but more towards understanding the rationale behind each and every historical event that has taken place, not to forget their impact to the modern world. She made me realize that it is important for every one of us to know the past well so mistakes are not repeated. Through history classes, I have also developed a sentiment of love and appreciation towards my homeland.”

Yi Chen who traveled from Puchong every day for the last 5 years, thanked his parents for the relentless chauffeuring. The teachers and Madam Anne Matthew who gave him plenty of timely advices especially in one’s life perspectives. That’s why experienced really teachers count!

“I am so glad that my dad switched me from a Chinese Primary School to Wesley Methodist School which provided me with a totally different environment. Being in an English medium school actually motivates and pushes me to start using English on a daily basis.”

“I found that it has significantly improved. I even participate in public speaking activities. This English-speaking environment in WMSK indeed beneficial for my future as it allows me to communicate fluently and convey my message clearly in English which is important to survive in Malaysia. The caring environment from teachers and classmates encouraged me to do well in life. I made very precious friends that will last a life time!”

Chan Yi ChenSPM 2019

Valerie Lai Wern Yi scored big again but this time it’s 8As in S.P.M. But the intelligent girl from Shah Alam is not in any college yet! She is helping at a daycare centre to gain some experience while earning some pocket money.

When asked about how she has managed to obtain such good results, she answers that it is due to the hard work of the teachers who have helped her throughout the preparations for SPM. She also attributes her achievement to her parents and God who have supported her and granted her good results.

She has a bit different perspective in life. Her schoolmates who have done well would aim at studying in a medical school to become a doctor or simply going for studies that has a potentially rewarding future. That is not Valerie Lai.

“I want to study Agricultural Science because I would like to learn about the different ways of producing food as well as how agriculture can be improved so that it is environmentally friendly”.

A string of As without maturity and a balanced view of the world is not healthy.

“I am going to miss Wesley Methodist School,” she added. “The kind and dedicated teachers who spent time to help and advise me on top of their academic duties, the friends that I am close with as well as all the different activities I have participated in.”

Valerie was in the School Netball Team, St. John’s ambulance, Christian Fellowship & School Librarian.

“To all the students there now, I would like to encourage you not to give up and also be thankful of all the hard work the teachers have put in for all of you.  All the best to those who have upcoming examinations!”

Valerie Lai Wern YiSPM 2019

Young Shu Jin Shines

Lim Shu Jin will be studying in Methodist Girls School Singapore come October 2019 – thanks to a scholarship given under the School-Based Scholarship Scheme sponsored by the Association of Nanyang University Graduates (ANUG). She was  given the award the day after she was tested and interviewed by ANUG representatives at the end of August but she quickly added that it was her consistently good results that had paid off. She scored eight distinctions in UPSR two years ago.

Shu Jin’s last holiday trip to Singapore was in 2009 and she fell in love with the city.  This time round, she is eagerly waiting to be there again but as a student!

Like most Wesley Methodist School Klang students, Shu Jin is in the Netball team, Girls Brigade and Dance Club. “Netball is my favourite as the sport gives me the opportunity to pick up communication skills and learn to play as a team, two important ingredients to be confident and successful in life,” she added.

“Mathematics is my favourite subject,” Shu Jin said, explaining that solving mathematic problems is like solving a mystery. “Singapore Maths is a bit tough but I like it,” she admitted. Shu Jin praises WMS Klang for its friendly and approachable teachers who take their teaching beyond the ordinary classroom hours. WMS Klang is proud of her achievement and wishes her the very best in her endeavour.

On leaving WMS Klang, “I feel sad as I really like my school life here with the teachers and friends. I’ll definitely miss the school but I will come visit the school if I have a chance.”

Lim Shu Jin2019