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Counselling Services

The Guidance & Counselling (G & C) Unit provides opportunity for every student to engage in confidential counselling sessions with the counsellor. These sessions will enable the counsellor to have a deeper understanding of issues and problems affecting the student’s studies and personal well-being.

During the counselling session, the counsellor works together with the student to tackle problems and difficulties by sharing his/her thoughts, feelings and hopes.  The counsellor will help the student to focus on his/her ability to cope with his/her situation by encouraging him/her to explore possible choices, make decisions and understand the directions his/her life will take.


Information on careers and education pathways are available at the G & C Unit. The counsellors are at hand to help students explore the various possibilities in their academic pursuit after Form 5 (SPM). Students can browse through the prospectus, pamphlets and guidebooks on colleges and universities in the G & C Unit. The guidance counsellor guides students to explore education routes and courses offered by tertiary institutions.

Personality tests and career interest profiling are available to help students who are interested in understanding themselves better.  Upon request, the counsellor can guide the student to do a Personality Test and a Career Interest Test and then explore the career options based on the results. The goal is to enable students to synthesize the information gathered from relevant sources and to guide them to make informed choices regarding their educational and career directions.  During the Careers Week, the school invites speakers from colleges/universities, local as well as overseas, to brief students on the requirements and preparations needed to secure places.

Students can also book the place for peer-mentoring or peer-tutoring, especially when they are preparing for exams.

Appointment Time:

 Students are encouraged to fix an appointment during the Recess or Lunch Break to see the counsellors. However, if he/she is facing an urgent need/issue to have someone to talk to during school hours, a WALK-IN session is allowed after getting a permission slip from the Homeroom or subject teacher. Teachers can also refer students by giving the names of students who need help directly to the counsellors.  In this case the counsellors will call the student(s) to arrange for an appointment.

Extra Information:





  • Counselling is a collaborative process that involves the development of a unique and confidential helping relationship.
  • Counselling provides a safe place, separate from the individual’s daily life, where he/she can explore issues or feelings which are causing him/her difficulty.
  • Counsellors will relate to individuals in a supportive manner and assist them in the task of finding their own way forward.
  • The overall aim of counselling is to provide an opportunity for the individual (counsellee) to work towards a more satisfying experience of life.



  • The guidance counsellor guides students to make informed choices, sound decisions and develop realistic plans that complement their academic and extra-curricular achievements.
  • The guidance counsellors also plan activities that promote not only academic success, but also character development through its Character Education Programme (CEP).



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Peer mentoring & tutoring


Overseas Education Talk

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     Careers Week / Education Fair



The Work Experience Programme or WEP as we call it was initiated and carried out successfully since 2011. During the first two weeks of November each year our Form Four students will be assigned jobs in various organizations, institutions and companies to gain experience and exposure in real job situations. The students will learn about tasks, skills and knowledge needed for a particular career or area of work. The programme also provides students opportunity to develop self-confidence as well as to practice their communication and interpersonal skills. During these two weeks the students will be prompted to think about their future career options.

In WMS, we do our best to source safe and relevant workplaces for students to carry out WEP. We approach organizations, institutions and companies to host our students for internships / job attachments and brief them on our purposes. The students are also encouraged to take the initiative to find their own attachments with the help of their parents.

If you are an organization /  institution / a company  OR  parent who has the relevant contacts, and are interested to help us source job placements or internships for our students to undergo the Work Experience Programme (WEP), kindly contact us or send an email to: principal@wms.edu.my

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                                                Work Experience Programme at                                                             Work Experience Programme

                                                    Sime Darby Medical Centre                                                                        at One World Hotel

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                                                Working on a project during WEP                                                                 WEP at Kidzania

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