Registration for Entrance Aptitude Test (EAT)

Dear Parents and Friends,

We are now open for registration for our Entrance Aptitude Test (EAT) for all Forms. The registration fee is RM50 only if you register before 14 July 2018. You can register online here.

Our EAT is available during the following Saturdays: 21 & 28 April, 12 & 26 May, 9 & 23 June, 14 & 28 July. Should you wish to have the test on another date, please contact us to make arrangement.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Mr John Lim
On behalf of school management
Updated 18 April 2018

Our UPSR 2018 English Language Workshop is now open for registration. You can register online here.

Welcome to Wesley Methodist School Seremban

Message from Principal
Ms Ong Yoke Eng

A very blessed new year to all our readers. May the Lord God Almighty grant us peace and joy to serve Him!

I am indeed honoured to be given the opportunity to write my first message as the Principal of this school, starting from the 1 January 2018. Assisting me as the new Vice-Principal is Mr John Lim Jiann Neng, who faithfully obeyed the Lord God Almighty to serve in this office.

First of all, a very warm welcome to all our new students and teachers who join our WMSS community in 2018. We also welcome back all our Forms 2-5 students and the staff.  May we all start afresh to continue to build our school in unity of purpose.

I extend my heartiest congratulations to Kok Siew Ming who scored straight A’s in the 2017 PT3 examinations. May his academic achievement spur other students in the school to work diligently to realize their full potential.

In line with the core values set by the Methodist Council of Education, we wish to build a God-centred community that respects life, work with integrity towards excellence with humility. With the backdrop of this school culture, we follow the government’s policy of providing holistic education in developing the cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the students.

As in previous years, we provide opportunities for all our students to participate in International written competitions in Mathematics, English, Writing, Computer Science and Science. Students who are kinesthetically-inclined are provided with opportunities to take part in sports at different levels. Others may want to perform various folk and modern dances, sing, play in the bands or participate in dramas at our school concert in May. Students will be provided avenues to participate in public-speaking, solo- acting, oral interpretation during the English Week in school and those who excel can participate at our annual Wesley Inter-Schools Forensics Competition in July.

We look forward to the visit by ACS Barker Street, Singapore, in May. A group of about 30 students, accompanied by two teachers. will come to observe our classroom instructions and co-curricular activities on that day. Our students will get the opportunity to share experiences with the visitors.

Extra classes will commence once the co-curricular programmes are completed. Intervention classes, especially for Form 3 Bahasa Melayu and Mathematics, will proceed as usual.

These are just some of the highlights of the activities planned for the year. We look forward to the first Parents-Staff dialogue on 10 March 2018 where we hope to build stronger relationships between the school and the parents of the students here. We need to build a community where we join hands to nurture our students.

Ms Ong Yoke EngPrincipal


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