Sponsoring Area Details

Sponsoring Area Details
Item NoRoomUnitSome DetailsTotal Amount
1Pre-School2Self-contained areaRM 600,000
2Primary Class Rooms24Inclusive smart board @ RM135,000 per class roomRM3,240,000
3Secondary Class Rooms30Inclusive Projection Equipment @ RM125,000 per class roomRM3,750,000
4Science Labs & Prep Room7Inclusive pipingRM938,000
5Computer Labs & Server Room7Inclusive linkage to server roomRM1,432,000
6Language Labs2Inclusive linkage to server roomRM360,000
7Library1Inclusive linkage to server roomRM1,000,000
8B.K Rooms & Enrichment4RM376,000
9Music Rooms4Light acoustic treatmentRM460,000
10Dance Studios2Special flooring, handrail, mirrorRM320,000
11Arts Rooms4RM600,000
12Staff Rooms & Recess Room 12Incl. & Dining RoomRM1,030,000
13Meeting Rooms3Seminar & Meeting Room (large & small)RM785,000
14Board Room1VIP visitors DialogueRM210,000
15CEO & Principal’s Offices 1 Reception, CEO, Sec & Pri Principals Off.RM175,000
16 Administration Office1Incl linkage to server for recordsRM250,000
17Counselling Room (Student)1RM55,000
18Sick Bay1RM55,000
19Marketing Office1RM65,000
20Multi-Purpose Hall1 With special flooring & some acoustic treatment to allow for indoor games, exams and performanceRM2,500,000
23 Hostel Facilities & Warden Qtrs (Boys & Girls Block)2Total:- 12 Single occupancy & 46 Double/ Triple occupancyRM3,600,000

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