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Tang Hock Men

Hi parents.

The year is already 11 days old but it is not too late to wish all beloved students and their parents and the staff of Wesley Melaka a happy  and blessed New Year 2018.

We are a small school with 45 pupils and 13 teachers. We are however not small in effort and motivation and target setting. We use our smallness to our advantage. The main advantage of smallness is that we can give personal attention to our students. Under the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) for English, there is a concept called Differentiation of Students. This not something new. It is a common sense recognition that students are of different abilities. In the CEFR, students are differentiated according to their proficiency in English. Based on their different levels, therefore students are given work of different levels of difficulty, given more or less help with their work or given more or less time to finish a given task. In the teaching of languages, (and in all other subjects), one size does not fit all. Work given to students must be doable. If we set work that is too difficult we will get work that is full of mistakes and the result is a very discouraged student or someone who gives up. If we set work that is too easy to suit the weaker students, the high flyers will not be challenged and be bored and make no progress or they also will give up. Hence doable and sufficiently challenging is the key idea.

Our smallness makes this a very doable thing. Our students can only gain. Our teachers understand this idea very well. This is also especially true in the teaching of Mathematics. Some students understand straight away. Others, we  may have to teach slower, or teach more than one time, set work of a simpler complexity, explain each and every step how we derive the answer. Other we set higher order sums, set them 20 sums while others can only manage 5.

Our smallness means we have to focus. As far as sports and club activities is concerned, we will focus on only badminton, netball and basketball. Our clubs become sports clubs, where members learn a games skill, have social activities, watch games and play games with other schools. All this focus is aimed at participation at MSSM level as well as Inter WMS games. We intend to do well despite our size; we are not going just to make up the numbers. If parents will cooperate with the school, we intend to have serious training over 4 or 5 days a week.

I wish you all well. Until next time, cheers,

Tang Hock Men.

Tang Hock MenPrincipal

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