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Message from Principal

Tang Hock Men

Hi parents.
This is the time of year when we are in exam mode. The SPM and STPM is just round the corner. 6 November will see candidates  sitting for  BM. WE wish them all the best of health and diligence and wisdom. Needless to say we do not want to see any of our children burning the midnight oil until their minds go blank in the exam hall. God forbid that any thing like this should happen. So get enough sleep and exercise and be fresh on the morning of the exam.

The Form 1s, 2s and 4s will also be sitting for their finals. We wish them well too. The Form 3s are in post exam mode or mood. WE got activities lined up for them. Games, cooking competitions, food and funfair and a games carnival. This is part of our education. We must not image that education only takes place in the classroom. IN these post PT3 activities, we are learning organization, cooperation, creative thinking, taking a calculated risk in the hope of making a profit. The fun and games teaches us that we need to unwind also. A bow if it is kept tightly strung all the  time will lose its tension and power.

We want to tell our neighbouring primary schools that in Wesley Melaka we have an alternative type of education.  We offer wholesome and integrated education. Character building and academic excellence is our emphasis. Our Mathematics and Science is taught in English. Our games and club activities are aimed at building up up the physical and emotional and social well-being of our children.  Up front we tell you that this is a Christian school where we have Chapel and Bible knowledge lessons and prayer in school. The rational behind all this is because human beings are body soul and spirit. It would NOT  be  good to neglect any one of these components of the makeup of  our children.  We want  you to know that we ask the help and blessing of God to mould our children  into excellent human beings.

God’s help is important. But no less important is parents’ involvement in the children’s education. The students of Wesley Melaka are in the first place your children. We expect that you will push your children to do their homework, to check their bags and have a look at their exercise books and see what strange things they may have in their bags. It would be excellent if parents would come and visit the school and see the teachers and ask about their children. Please do not wait to be asked to come. When we ask a parent to come it is often that we have a problem teaching your kid. It would make a world of difference if the your child knows that ” mummy or daddy comes to school once a while to see the teachers and ask about me”. The message to the kid is daddy cares.

WE are in the planning  for next year.  So stayed tuned for new developments. Some of your children will go on holiday in December. Some will help in the family business. This is all to the good, whether it is hols or work it is a break from studies and a chance to recreate. Even God rested on the 7th day.

All the best and cheers.

Tang Hock MenPrincipal

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