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Mr. Edmund Tay Hock Kim

Welcome to our Wesley Methodist Melaka Website. We thank you for seeking us out and trust that you will find our school ‘A-Cut-Above’ the rest.

Wesley Methodist School Melaka started in 1994, is currently a co–educational school established by the Methodist Church of Malaysia. It comes under the management the Council of Education (effective 2010 onwards), Methodist Church of Malaysia. The school is nostalgically located on the grounds of the former Boys’ Hostel for the Anglo Chinese Secondary School off Tranquerah Road, Malacca.

The school offers a ‘Fair-Priced’ private education and provides students with a safe, conducive and stimulating Teaching & Learning environment. The school aims to nurture students holistically with proper values and right attitudes towards life and learning. We endeavor to develop soft skills in them to ensure they learn to interact well within our cross-cultural students including those from neighbouring and foreign countries.

Low ‘Class–Students’ Ratio
Our school implements a low class – student ratio. The number of students in a class does not exceed 25 thus, ensuring a more personal student attention and hence optimizes academic progress of each student.

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA), Tests & Term Exams.
Students are encouraged to be involved in extra–curricular activities that enhance and develop their leadership qualities, boost their confidence, and maximize their social interactions. Computer assisted teaching-learning and thinking skills pedagogy are part-and-parcel of our strategies to stimulate learning in the classrooms. To monitor students’ academic progress, we have four monthly tests and two term examinations held for all forms.

English Language Proficiency
English is widely used in the school, ensuring students’ fluency in spoken English. We aim to maintaining a high standard of proficiency in both written and spoken English. Currently, three value-added subjects i.e. IGCSE Mathematics, Science and English are taught to Form 1-3 students to further encourage English proficiency. Mathematics and Science for PT3 and SPM are also taught in English since our school has been granted the permission by the Ministry of Education to conduct and implement the Dual Language Program (DLP).

Additional Programs – Culinary and Apprenticeship Programs
Effective from 2017 all Forms 1-3 and F4 Arts students will be given an additional value-added program i.e. Culinary where we will introduce culinary skills for our students to venture and enhance their abilities in the fine arts of culinary. This skill has great potentials to venture into the world of Entrepreneurism.

We will also introduce an Apprenticeship Training Program for our Forms 3 and 4 during their year-end long school break to expose them to real life living skills. This is so that our students would learn to appreciate what life is all about when they are given a glimpse of how other people earn to make a living. As for the Forms 5, whilst waiting for their SPM Results we shall attach them to Accounting Firms and Hotels or other Industry on a two or three months apprenticeship program to gain exposure in preparation to face the challenges of the real working world.
Computer Literacy
The school prides itself on its ability to provide computer literacy classes for all its students from Form 1 to Form 3. The students are taught essential computer skills, Microsoft Office software and other Internet applications. Effective 2017, Form 1 students will be offered ICT as a subject and it will be taught in English.

Christian Heritage
To preserve our Christian Heritage, we have chapel services and Bible Knowledge / Studies classes. Exciting activities will be carried out for our students with assistance from other para-church organizations that will cooperate with our teachers-in-charge. At the same time, respect for each other`s religion are upheld in the school.

Our Commitment
The teachers are committed to our Strategic Thrusts in the acronym “ROBUST”. ‘RO’ as in Reaching Out to our students who need guidance, love, attention, appreciation, care and counselling. ‘BU’ as in Building Up our students and helping them realize their full potentials. ‘S’ as is Serving our students well and in return they will serve their community and country thus, aiding in their patriotism and love for our country. And ‘T’ as in Touching Hearts and transforming Lives, when we ‘touch’ their hearts through our loving and tender care, we believe they shall be a transformed people who will go on in life shining bright and be as successful as any other human beings can!

The school believes that our teachers complement the parents’ task of responsibly nurturing, training and building of good ethical behavior and to produce responsible citizenship. Hence, the cooperation of parents in ensuring these are successfully implemented is of ultimate importance.

We value your support and look forward to seeing your child/children soon in our school.

Thank you and God Bless.
Yours Truly,

Mr. Edmund Tay Hock KimPrincipal


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