Welcome to Wesley Methodist School Klang

Message from Principal

Anne Mathews

Welcome to Wesley Methodist School Klang also known as WMS Klang.

WMS Klang is a quality school situated strategically in the heart of Klang town surrounded by churches, a mosque, a Hindu temple and a Sikh temple.

The school which has been  in existence since 1980, known then as Methodist High School, was renamed and rebranded as Wesley Methodist School, Klang in 2009.   With its new name it adopted a new motto: “Above and Beyond”.

Under the management of the Methodist Council of Education it is much sought after for its fine discipline and excellent academic record.  The students of WMS Klang are motivated to go above and beyond in academics, character-building and extra- curricular activities.  We aim to become a school of excellence and develop our students to become well-balanced, responsible citizens.

WMS Klang not only focuses on a great breadth and depth of knowledge but also places importance on the child’s emotional and physical development.  We realize that placing a balanced emphasis across all aspects of success is crucial in producing well-rounded students.

WMS Klang provides a wholesome and non-threatening environment where students feel secure and happy.  Our learning-teaching environment is supportive and caring, raising students to be educated, global citizens who are empathetic and  able to interpret world issues with a  deeper understanding.

Students benefit from the varied teaching methods and hands-on learning styles which lead to better retention and comprehension.  Small classes enhance teacher-student interaction allowing teachers to assess their students’ individual rates of learning. The school activities involve student interaction with each other, thus teaching them the values of tolerance, respect and coexistence.

Students are able to experience personal growth by being challenged to push beyond their limits and recognize their own value under the holistic pastoral care of the school.  Not only is the students’ academic progress monitored, but also their emotional development.

Major emphasis is placed on the acquisition and use of English.  For students who are not English speakers, immersion in WMS Klang, where we offer the National curriculum- Dual Language Programme(DLP), will help them gain fluency in English. While our  main medium of instruction is Bahasa Malaysia, we teach the  English Language, Bible Knowledge, Mathematics , Science and Computer Studies   in English.  Students also have the choice to learn Mandarin which is taught within the school time-table.

In addition we want our students to be of high moral character, acknowledging God as Creator and Sustainer of life.  We are a school of “Education with Mission, Excellence and Compassion, emphasizing  on the 4 core values:  God-centeredness, Respect for life, Integrity and Excellence with Humility.

Thank you.

God bless.

Anne Mathews Principal, WMS Klang

Education Fair
@Klang Parade
14th & 15 April 2018