2017 Production- Can you HEAR me?


Despite a myriad of sounds around us, music and speech are most appreciated. When words fail, music speaks. Regardless of our age, sex, religious or political beliefs, we can all relate to music which serves to soothe our nerves, relieve stress and keep us in a positive mood. While music and speech are being appreciated, there are still many who long to express themselves and many who long to be heard. Some struggles to communicate, while some choose to remain silent.

As part of educating the next generation on ways of communication through music, this year, Wesley Methodist School Ipoh (International) brought forth a production entitled “Can you HEAR me?”

The production was filled with interesting exhibitions, songs, music, and drama performances by the students. Different emotions were brought forth by the production. There were smiles and laughter as the parents watched their little children performed, there were occasions where tears flowed freely as audience heard the heart-rending songs sung by the students.

One of the highlights of the production was the play entitled: “The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty.” It was based on the script written by David Calcutt. The story was about a tragic story of a victim of bullying, Terry Dumpton, nicknamed Humpty Dumpty by a gang of bullies at his school.  Terry’s only friend was a coward who could not stand up for himself. As the bullying got worse, Terry begins to play truant which worried and annoyed his parents, but they were powerless. Eventually, the events lead up to his death. During the investigation, police found out how Terry’s parents and others in the community were affected by what had happened to him. This play showed how bullying affects not just the victim but his friends and family, and even the bullies themselves. Death could have been prevented, if Terry Dumpton’s struggles were heard. The play was to create an awareness about dire consequences of bullying. The Soroptimist International and Perak Women for Woman Society also jointly collaborated towards this act by setting a booth to make one million stars to end violence.

The production ended with the theme song “Can you hear me?” by Bob Chilcott which was sung by the students. A simple and beautiful piece describing the world as seen through the eyes of a deaf child. The simple message of the song is expressed through sign language as it was being sung. And the final words of the piece is not just about hearing with our ears but rather with all our heart, mind and soul.

From the production, we could see that hours of practicing, molding, guidance and hard work had contributed towards the success of the production. There were parents who volunteered themselves as helpers to dress up the students.

It was indeed a meaningful and touching moment to see the school coming together as a big family with her students, staff and parents to bring forth this message. It was truly a successful production and time was well spend witnessing the whole production.