Welcome to Wesley Methodist School Ipoh (International)

Message from  Principal & Headmistress 

Welcome to the Wesley Methodist School Ipoh (International) website for an overview of its facilities, teaching staff and curricula to better help you decide on the school of choice for your child’s education.

In line with our vision to impact lives and nation through Methodist education, we aim to provide an all-round quality education to our students and producing A.C.E. students who are:

    • Academically excellent
    • well-trained in Character and
    • strive for Extra-curricular achievements.

We focus on the holistic development of students, and seek to simultaneously address the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social aspects of the student’s life. We are fully cognizant that students learn different things at different stages and thus our approaches to teaching and learning are designed to cater to the different needs of the students.

We train our students to embrace the four core values of God-centredness, Respect for Life, Integrity and Excellence with humility.  We seek to develop the individual skills necessary for students to make the right decisions, take responsibility for their actions and have a broad understanding and appreciation of the cultures that make up our multi-racial community.

WSMII provides a conducive and nonthreatening environment so that our students feel secure and happy in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious community where they can learn to become self-directed, realistic, and responsible decision makers when solving problems that they will encounter in our multi-cultural, ever-changing borderless environment.

The school adopted the internationally recognised Cambridge Syllabus in 2016, which encourages critical and creative thinking for our students to develop their social, literacy and analytical skills to help them perform in today’s fast-moving globalised world.

We have a faculty of dedicated teachers with a passion for teaching, professional competency, good communication skills, and equipped with the necessary soft skills to guide and nurture the students’ mental, spiritual and emotional growth.

In tandem with our expansion programme to provide better facilities to our students, a state-of-the-art modern, new building has been planned. The new block, comprising a multi-purpose hall, auditorium, resource centre and computer laboratory will provide a more conducive learning environment for the students.

As they progress through the school, we expect our students to acquire the skills and motivation to become independent learners who constantly seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding. We want them to think rationally and question critically, to learn from their mistakes and never give up. These are the 21st century global skillsets to be imparted to the students that will help them thrive and succeed in today’s challenging world.

We firmly believe in the importance of teachers, parents, and administrators collaborating and communicating openly and frequently.

We look forward to serving you and your children over the coming years.

Mdm Yau Sook FunPrincipal

Thank you for visiting our website. We’re a terrific little school where there’s always loads going on and we hope this website gives you a flavour of our varied and engaging curriculum.

At Wesley, we have experienced and enthusiastic staff who are committed to your child achieving the highest standards of education and behaviour. Our aim is to encourage children to work to their best, especially in the essential skills, whilst also providing ample opportunity for broadening their learning experiences. As well as encouraging intellectual growth, we work with families to develop the ‘whole child’ to ensure every child has the best possible opportunity to reach their ‘personal best’.

I am delighted by your interest in Wesley Methodist School Ipoh (International) and I hope that you find this website a useful introduction to Wesley. You are warmly invited to come and see the school in action, so that you can experience for yourself what we have to offer your family. Please do telephone the school office to make an appointment to visit the school.

Yours sincerely

Mdm Julie RatnamHeadmistress


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